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Before getting into our Top 10 Best karate gi, here are some interesting facts about gi. Karate Uniforms, referred to as karate-gi or dogi, are designed to be light. Because of this, they have limited stitching around the sleeves and collars and are constructed from woven cotton or cotton/polyester blend fabric. 

Traditionally, Karate Gi are white and usually weigh in at around 8-12 oz. They are a lot lighter in comparison to Brazilian jiu jitsu or Judo or some other martial arts uniforms.  Because they are more focused on throws, takedowns, and grappling, a thicker material is required to prevent tears.

If you are just starting out in karate and do not know much about karate uniforms or even an experienced practitioner this article will hold value. 

The main things martial artists will look for in their karate journey is a quality gi, belt, and a karate sparring gear set that will hold up to rigorous training. In this article, we will guide you through the former.

This is an in-depth review on what the best karate gis are for you based on a variety of factors.  Weight, durability, material composition, and fit were taken in consideration. 

With all that considered, keep reading below for our guide and detailed breakdown of our Top 10 Best karate gi.


Gi Name



1. Best Overall

Tokaido Kata Master Silver Best Overall Karate Gi

Tokaido, Kata Master Silver

  • Great quality

  • Very durable

  • Reasonably priced

  • Price is higher than some of our other picks

2. Best Value

Ronin Lightweight Student Karate Uniform Best Value
Ronin, Lightweight Student Karate Uniform
  • Excellent Value

  • Good durability

  • Good quality

  • May need to upgrade years down the road

3. Premium Choice

Seishin Karate Gi Premium Choice Karate Uniform

Seishin Premium Karate Uniform

  • Excellent quality

  • Holds form well

  • Designed for all aspects of karate

  • Premium Price

Quality: Not all Gi are created equal. For instance, ask any Martial Art’s instructor, and they will usually say they prefer a high quality gi. Although, often times beginners are not in the position to afford such a quality gi. In these cases it may be better to opt for the better priced and still respectable quality uniform.

Feel or Fit: The feel of the gi is important, covering everything from the comfortability, breathability, and texture. Many of our top picks come from Japan so the fit may be slimmer than it’s American or European styles.

Durability: This is the ability of the gi to hold up the test of time or reasonable wear and tear.

Value: Basically how much bang for your buck, maintaining superior quality while keeping the price as low as possible. Often this is the most important factor for most beginner and intermediate kohi, or student.  We added this as an important factor in selecting the best for you.

With all of the above taken into consideration, here is our breakdown of our choices for The Top 10 Karate Gi:

Tokaido Kata Master Silver (best overall)

Man wearing the Tokaido Kata Master Gi, one of the 10 best karate uniform

Tokaido is one of the oldest and well known Karate gi manufacturers and has a dedicated following. Based in Japan, this 12 oz gi is made from 100% cotton and comes in traditional Japanese style fit.  

The pants and top are pre-hemmed to a traditional length – up to the lower shin and above the wrists. This gi is perfect for tournaments and events such as kata and kumite. 

The Tokaido Kata Master Silver sweeps away the competition and secures our number one pick. It is the most well rounded in excellent seam work, overall quality and attention to detail. It easily competes with uniform of much higher price, also providing a fair amount of reinforcement around key areas. As a result, this gi will endure even the most intense karate. Not only is the quality great, the fit is exactly how you want it, allowing smoothness of motion and crisp, clean movements. 

Finally, although the price is slightly higher than some of our other picks, the quality makes this very reasonable. Without a doubt, if you want a gi that you wont feel the need to upgrade later, consider Tokaido.

Ronin- Lightweight Student Karate Uniform (best value)

Man wearing the Ronin Lightweight Student Karate Uniform, one of the 10 best karate gi

Ronin has a very good reputation and is known for its quality workmanship, fit and reasonable price. It is impressive despite being fairly new to the karate scene. This 8 oz gi is also 100% cotton and comes in a standard fit. 

It may need to be hemmed up to your perfect fit. This is a great option for beginners that are not quite ready for a heavier uniform or want a light canvas feel without breaking the bank. 

Even though the cost is low, the similarly priced competitor uniforms have a hard time keeping up with the overall quality and durability. 

The lighter cheaper karate uniforms sometimes have the problem of being paper-thin. As well as that, being slightly see-through with time. With this Ronin Karate gi you will not have that problem. It has that balance between being light weight but not so light you feel like you may rip the pants with a high kick. 

We believe this is the best value gi you can own. Particularly the very low relative price compared to the very good quality you get in return.

Seishin Premium Karate Uniform (premium choice)

Seishin Karate Uniform being worn, one of the 10 best karate gi

The Seishin Gi design was a project taken on by karate experts. Their goal was to create a uniform that was designed for every aspect of karate.  In particular, kata, kihon, kumite, bunkai and self-defense were important design blueprints. 

This 9.5 oz, 100% natural cotton gi is a original Okinawan cut – high waist pants with quadruple loops & pleats. It is light weight and breathable and features 3x thickness in sleeve cuffs for snap. 

Overall we believe this gi is of the best of quality, design, and feel. The durability and feel of the Seishin design is outstanding. Although lightweight, The gi has reinforced stitching where stress can occur such as the seams, hems and strings.  Moreover, it offers air ventilation in both the pants and top creating air cooling when you need it most. 

Seishin was designed with functionality at the forefront. You can rest assured that during kata you look sharp, and kumite you have 360 degree range of motion. Furthermore, the breathability of a light weight gi, and reassurance to know that you made an investment. An investment in a long lasting training uniform that will continue to look and feel good years down the road. 

This uniform easily aced the top quality spot and had equally high marks in the feel and fit. We firmly believe if you want to invest a little extra in your next gi, this is the best one you can get.

Hawk Sports Karate Uniform

Hawk sports karate uniform with whitebelt

The Hawk karate gi is a lightweight, 8 oz cotton polyester blend that has a standard style fit.  It offers free range of movement and is a great option for beginners. 

It has a low end cost with impressive quality. In addition, because they are double stitched, you wont have to worry about easy tearing in the near future.

It is recommended that you buy one size smaller than what you are on the size chart though as they do come larger than expected. A lot of time when you buy karate equipment you get what you pay for, but when it comes to the Hawk gi, you get more. 

They even include a whitebelt. For the reasons listed above, Hawk Sports Karate Uniform is our best budget pick for karate practitioners.

Shureido TK-10 Tournament Gi

Woman wearing the Shureido TK-10 Tournament Gi

Another long-standing name in the karate world, Shureido is also based in Okinawa, Japan.  Not only that but they are a manufacturer of very high-end karate uniforms. Although the price point can put it as a “down the road” purchase, you get a superior quality product. 

A duck canvas heavyweight gi ,The Shureido TK-10 is described as a Tournament Cut Karate uniform. It is similar to the Tokaido and Seishin –  pants length are lower shin area and sleeves rest above the wrists. 

A well worn gi can become a yellowish color, and Shureido has a unique solution. They apply a color guard that gives the uniform a slight blue color until it has been washed a few times. Furthermore, Shureido has spared no expense. 

They produced a gi with impressive quality of materials, and holds it’s color well over time. In addition, there is great attention to detail with reinforcement in the areas needed most. This gi is a great choice for those wishing to put durability, quality, and function at the forefront of their decision.

Hayabusa Champion Karate Gi

Hayabusa Champion Best Karate Gi

Hayabusa is popular worldwide as a combat equipment and fight apparel manufacturer. Although perhaps more popular are their bjj uniform options, their karate products are still top notch. Furthermore, they are often sold at a very affordable price. 

The Hayabusa Champion Karate Gi is no exception. It is a 100 % cotton heavyweight gi weighing in at 16 oz. It may be a little heavy for your taste in comparison to standard karate gi. Nevertheless, if durability is something you value, you will find that the Hayabusa Karate Gi offers that in spades. 

Similar to their Brazilian jiu jitsu variant, this uniform has reinforced lapel and stitching. Also, the sleeve ends are a little wider, causing a satisfying “pop” at the end of your technique. When you first order it, it may be a little stiff which is common with heavyweight gi. Even so, once you break it in we believe you will enjoy the look and feel.

Century Martial Arts Karate Uniform

Century Martial Arts Karate Uniform with whitebelt

Owned and operated by martial artists, Century is a very popular karate uniform manufacturer. They cater to children and adult beginner and intermediate ranks in karate. This is because although the price point is low, the quality is still good. 

Importantly, you wont have to worry about splitting your pants or scuffs anytime soon. The Century Martial Arts Karate Uniform is a cotton and polyester blend, very lightweight gi that fits true to size. 

This gi is a very good pick for beginning students as the price point very reasonable. It is of good quality, but you may need to upgrade a few years down the road. Our verdict is that this may be the one of the best beginner karate uniforms. They even include a whitebelt to help you get started.

Fuji Advanced Brushed karate Uniform

Fugi Advanced Brushed Karate Uniform with whitebelt

This Fuji Gi makes our Top 10 Best Karate Gi list because of it’s versatility as described below. It takes the stage as a Japanese cut, cotton and polyester blend middle weight option. This uniform takes some good qualities from the judo uniform and manages to fuse it with a karate gi. 

In particular it offers the reinforcement meant for the throws of judo and the weight and breathability of a karate gi. It comes as a slim fit so you may need to order a size up. 

Great choice if you are going to be training old school karate and could be grappling or doing various holds. We recommend this gi head and shoulders above other middleweight options for it’s durability. 

Even through the most intense stresses grappling or karate can offer, It offers great durability, versatility, and high value. Fuji is a great choice for those that are training throws along with kata, sparring, etc.

MACS Professional Karate Canvas Uniform

MACS Professional Karate Canvas Uniform

Relatively new to the martial arts scene, MACS is already beginning to establish themselves as a respectable brand. Furthermore, their gi stands true to this statement. This 14 oz , 100% cotton uniform is made to last and will take a lot of punishment during practice and spar sessions. 

Roomy in the legs and reinforced gusset provides great comfort.  You wont have to have an embarrassing rip to worry about when you throw your favorite midair split-kick. 

Seriously, the durability, quality of stitching, and overall look is impressive. Apart from this, you wont have to fork over any extra change as you would for similar uniforms. 

This gi will take a little while to “break in” but once you do, it is very comfortable with plenty of room and a nice snap. This is an excellent choice if you are looking for a great value option in terms of durability, style and comfort.

Adidas Karate Training Uniform

Adidas Karate Training Gi

Adidas is a brand that needs no introduction, and their Adidas Karate Uniform maintains the quality you would expect. 

On paper, the specs are nothing you haven’t seen before. It is an 8 ounce, Cotton-poly blend light weight uniform. Where this gi truly shines is the comfort and breathability. 

This Karate gi easily rounds out our Top 10 Best Karate Gi list for various reasons. The overall feel is great and it provides air cooling from the mesh inserts. These are located in important areas such as the back of the pants and top and ensure you stay cool when the grind gets tough. 

If your school is more traditional, this gi has a small Adidas logo located on the sleeve. We recommend you ask your sensei if this is an issue. This gi is WKF approved and is a great bargain for functionality and fit.

seated in a martial arts uniform


When you are going to purchase your karate uniform there is so much to consider. How does it fit? What does it feel like? Will I need to purchase a new one a year later? Do I want a light, medium, or heavy weight gi? Does my karate school practice throws and grappling? When these basic questions are answered you will feel more confident in what the perfect gi for YOU will be. Ultimately, the Karate training uniform you choose will need to be one that you feel most comfortable in once you know all of the options. Now that you have a little insight into what are some great options available with our Top 10 Best karate gi list, we hope you have an easier time in this step in your martial arts journey!

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