5 Best Dip Bars For Home: Review And Guide (2020)

man doing dips at home using his home dip bar set

The benefits of having a dip bar for home and implementing dips into your workout can be very rewarding. Also, home dip Bars don’t require much space, and incorporate compound movements. 

Compound movements require the use of multiple muscle groups and joints at the same time. In addition, compound movements have been proven to increase muscle mass more so then isolation workouts.

In short, the benefits of dips are tremendous. Not only that, but you can have easy access to this simple setup any time from the comfort of your home. If you are training in martial arts or another combat sport, compound exercises should be a staple in your training regiment.


Product Name



MFG Choice

XMark Fitness Dip Station, Our top choice for the best home dip set

XMark Fitness Dip Station

  • Extremely Stable

  • Built Tough, Very Durable

  • 2 Sets Of Angled Handles Of Different Widths For Dip Variations

  • Heavy (57lb)

Most Functionality

BalanceFrom Multi-Function dip stand has the most functionality and one of the best home dip stations
BalanceFrom Multi-Function Dip Stand
  • Adjustable Height/ Lower Handles For Many Dip And Exercise Variations.

  • No-slip Foot Pads

  • Wider Base That Cannot Be Adjusted

Budget Buy

AmazonBasics Dip Fitness Bar, the best dip bar you can buy for your home if you are on a budget

AmazonBasics Dip Fitness Bar

  • Covers Everything You Need For Standard Dips

  • Lightweight And Portable

  • Inexpensive

  • Not Tall Enough To Implement Dip Belt


The anterior deltoids (front part of your shoulders) are heavily worked as the result of your body positioning during the range of movement.


The muscle group opposite your biceps that are important in giving you more strength and mass in your arms. These are worked mainly in the downward, negative phase of the movement.


Your core is mainly your abs, glutes, lats, and lower back. Without getting too technical, your core acts as your main stabilizer and keeps you from rocking back and forth during your dip exercise. Also, these muscles are essential in maintaining proper form and support your other muscle groups being targeted.

How We Chose The Best Dip Bars For Your Home

There are a few things to consider when choosing the perfect dip bar for home use. Our top things we looked for in our Best Dip Bars List are:

Durability And Stability

One of the worst distractors while doing your dips is a wobbly dip set. Typically, the lower home dip bars are to the ground, width of base, and materials built from contribute to how stable it will be. However, this can also reduce functionality and limit the variations of dips you can do. We look for the best of both worlds and take stability and functionality in to account.

Fortunately, a good equipment mat can provide even more stability and grip while protecting your floor underneath your dip bar set. 

Versatility: any extra bells and whistles?

One thing that many people enjoy is the ability to adjust grip widths. This allows you to customize what feels best to your personal body type. As well as that, you can even focus on a different muscle during your workout.

Utility: is it functional rather than just being attractive?

There are many name brands that get by on just the name alone. Home dip bars are no exception. People will flock in masses when they hear certain brands push a product. Looking at you, Twizzlers. 

Our goal is to look past the advertising to the nuts and bolts of what makes a good dip bar. Options of adjustment, how much space it takes up, quality of design are among the things we look for.

Top 5 Best Dip Bars For Home: Review And Guide

MFG Choice

XMark fitness Dip Station wins the best home dip bar

Dimensions: 51″ x 9″ x 7″

Supports up to 500 lbs

XMark has been a very popular name in the home gym industry in recent years, producing top quality and durable equipment. Without a doubt, the XMark Fitness Dip Station is a great choice if you want the best at what it’s name suggests: dips. 

The stability offered is unmatched in the home dip bar world for two reasons. First, It is of high quality design, constructed with 2″ x 3″ heavy-duty steel and minimal assembly. Secondly, The XMark Dip Station has a well designed base that equally displaces your weight to the floor. To add to this, everything is bolted in place and wont shift when you start using it. 

It is heavier than others at 57 pounds, which adds to the overall stability. If you are using this bar in your home, it is recommended you use a mat underneath to help protect your carpet or hardwood.

All of this adds up to one thing: More confidence in your equipment will translate to greater usage. This dip bar also features two sets of handles that are wrapped in padding for comfort. Also, they are different distances apart which accommodates men and women while providing more options for your muscle focus. 

The tallest option in this review means that when you are ready to move up in weight with a dip belt, there will be no issues. However, with this increased stability and height there is a tradeoff because the XMark Dip Station is not as portable as our other options in this review.

Most Functionality

BalanceFrom Multi-Function Dip Stand For Home provides the most functionality and exercise variation

Dimensions: 28″ x 30″ x 40-51″

Supports up to 500 lbs

Constructed from premium steal, the BalanceFrom Multi-function Dip Stand caters to anything you could possibly want in a dip bar. 

It has adjustable height from 40.15 – 51.18 inches, enough for weighted dips if you desire. In addition, it has two sets of padded handles, the lower set is to facilitate pushups and then the higher set is adjustable for your ideal dip height. 

Moreover, the stability is great, in part due to the included no-slip foot pads that are attached to the main frame. This dip bar has a very simple setup, usually only taking 15 minutes or so. What we really like about the BalanceFrom Dip Stand is that you have the most options of workout you are able to do. If you want to do regular dips, adjust the height to your liking. Also, if you want to do knee raises, you can easily increase the height. 

Deep pushups engage your chest more so than standard pushups, which this setup makes possible with it’s elevated push up bars. On a final note, this home dip bar may not be the best choice if you have limited space. The base is fairly wide at 28 x 29 inches and cannot be adjusted.

Man doing a dip on the Ultimate Body Press Dip Bar which is one of the best home dip bars you can find

Dimensions: 24″ x 36″ x 36″

Supports up to 350 lbs

Undoubtedly, this is the most portable dip bar we have come across. The Ultimate Body Press Dip Bar is a good all around choice. It stands 3 feet tall which is more than enough for the taller lads. On top of this, the patented spring-tab assembly requires no tools and adjustments be accomplished within moments. 

It is very easy to store if you are lacking in space or simply don’t want clutter. The Ultimate Body Press Dip Bar folds up flat and can be put away hassle free. Furthermore, the bars are padded where you place your hands and are angled slightly inward. This design ensures proper form and reduces strain on your rotator cuffs and wrists. 

One thing that shines is the ability to easily adjust the width using the spring-tabs. Quick adjustments can be essential if you have a few people in your family or want to vary your workout on the fly. On the other hand, there is a tradeoff with the ability to easily fold, adjust, and store with this machine and that is stability. 

It can be a little shaky at the joints which may turn some people off. However, if you are looking for an easily stored and portable dip bar for home we highly suggest this one.

Budget Buy

AmazonBasics Dip Fitness Bar is one of the best home fitness bars you can find

Dimensions: 34.25″ x 32.5″ x 38.39″

Supports up to 661 lbs

I know what you are thinking.. But Amazon did their homework with this one. Sporting some of the highest ratings we found, the AmazonBasics Dip Fitness Bar is a strong contender in the lineup before even considering the price. 

It is made of quality steel, can support 661 pounds, lightweight and fairly easy to assemble. Furthermore, the wide base increases the stability without increasing the weight. Also, the four “feet” ensure you wont be shifting across the floor and keep the wobbles to a minimum. 

Along with being stable, this Dip bar also supports taller people being that the height is 38 inches. One downside is that it will be hard to implement a weight belt for the more advanced. The foam handles provide comfort while supporting your bodyweight. 

The price as of this writing is very affordable and for what you get makes it worthwhile to look in to. There are various attachments for this pull up bar that are sold separately such as push-up rings and straps. This increases the utility of home dip bars and is a good thing to look out for. In addition to this, it is backed by a one year warranty should anything happen.

Fuel Pureformance Delux Dip Station is a great option for a home dip bar

Dimensions: 29.92″ x 24.8″ x 38.58″

Supports up to 500 lbs

Last but certainly not least, the Fuel Pureformance Deluxe Dip Station has everything you need in your home dip bar. 

Built to last, it is constructed with 12- and 14- gauge steel with an anti rust, powder coat finish. Furthermore, gussets are installed in the lower base for reinforcement. This helps with overall stability but also ensures this gym equipment will last for years to come. 

The padded handles are also angled slightly inward. This is to reduce overall stress on your rotator cuff and wrists while helping you maintain proper form. 

Standing at 36″, the pass through design means that you can easily vary your workout with pull ups, hanging leg and knee raises, and more. In particular, we really enjoy the Olympic style rings that come with this model as it adds even more exercises such as chest flys. It should be noted, if you wish to exclude the rings you have that option to, which will in turn drop the price. Unfortunately, due to popularity recently the price has gone up.

Top Exercises To Do With Your New Home Dip Station

Standard Dips

One of the most beneficial exercises if you have proper form, the dip really needs no introduction. As discussed before, muscles being targeted are the chest, shoulders, triceps and core. Jump or step up to grab the handles of your new dip station. 

Next, keeping your torso underneath, lower your body down in a controlled manner until the natural stop of your shoulder. Then, push yourself up while keeping a slight bend in your elbows at the top.

Inverted Rows

This is a great row variation that strengthens your shoulders (anterior deltoid) and back. Not only that, but hamstrings and glutes too as they are supporting muscles. 

First, from underneath the dip bar, grip the handles and make sure your knees are 90 degrees with the ground. Second, begin your movement by squeezing your shoulders blades first. Lastly, pull your body up and hold at the top for maximum benefit before controlling yourself on the way down.

Dip Bar Knee Raises And Dip Bar Leg Raises

Close cousin to the hanging knee raise, this is an intense core workout. First, raise your knees up while you support yourself. After that, go slowly back down to ensure you don’t cheat yourself on the other half of the movement. 

The Dip bar knee raise engages your entire core and is great at building strength in the stabilizing muscles in the midsection. Also, your forearms, shoulders, and grip will be taxed, making this a great compound movement. Lastly, if you would like more of a challenge and more tension on your abs, extend your legs to perform a dip bar leg raise.

Dip Belt

When you start adding dips to your routine, there will be a point where your muscles and core adapt and the exercise gets easier. There are two things you can do at this point. One, is to simply increase your reps or sets (how many repetitions you do and how many times you do them). The second, is to add more of a load to increase muscle tension. This is the science behind building strength and muscle growth. 

To achieve more weight load in a dip, you can use what is called a weight belt, or “dip belt”. These go around your waist usually like a very thick belt with a chain or something similar to hang weights on. Home dip bars are tall or have adjustable height will enable you to perform this easier. Another factor when adding weights to your dips is protecting your carpet or hardwood flooring of your home should the weights hit the ground.

Without a doubt, we recommend mastering your form in your repetition before adding weight because there is a possibility of rotator cuff injury if your form is not where it should be.

Dip Variations For Home Dip Bars

Wide Grip "Chest Dips"

Wide grip dips will place more muscle tension on the chest. 

First, get in position to do a normal chest dip with your torso and legs forward on the wide handles of your dip bar. Next, while maintaining this posture begin to lower yourself down while flaring out your elbows. Last, push yourself up while maintaining control. Repeat until you get to your goal number of repetitions.

Narrow Grip "Tricep Dips"

If you want to put more tension on your triceps in your dips, the narrow grip dip variation will do the trick. First, what you want to do is while maintaining your torso in a straight position (a slight lean forward is fine), make sure that your elbows stay close to your body while lowering yourself down through the dip exercise. 

Finally, once you get to the bottom of the movement push back up, once your arms are straight, flex your triceps and hold for a split second. After that, just repeat until you hit your goal repetitions.

How To Make Dips Easier


Negatives involve concentrating on the downward part of the movement. First, jump or step up to the starting position of your dip, then slowly lower yourself to the bottom. 

The key focus is to control yourself on the way down. After that, simply jump or step back up and repeat. This will build the muscles necessary to progress your dips until you can support yourself without assistance.

Foot Support

First, grab put a chair or similar flat object behind your dip station. After that, just get in the standard start position with arms locked out. 

Next, put whatever foot you feel comfortable with on the chair behind you. Finally, lower yourself down and then, using your leg and foot to assist you by pushing down, give yourself as much help as you need to complete the dip.


Home dip bars or home dip stations make it convenient to be able to bust a few reps out whenever you have a little free time. Not only that, but dip bars are simple in design, and a cheap piece of a home gym setup that wont take up much space. 

In conclusion, dips are a great compound movement that is widely considered one of the best exercises to do for chest development.

Commonly Asked Questions

Q. How Many Dips A Day Should I Do?

A. We recommend to get to do as many repetitions it takes until you are about two reps from failure. After that take about a minute break and do another set. Once you can do four sets or so of 12 reps each with ease, we recommend adding dip variations and/ or a dip belt. 

Also, if you are doing a full workout program it is important to not over train muscles that may have already been hit in your program that day or the day before. Therefore, if you are following a program it may be more beneficial to have a rest day or two between dip sessions.

Q. Are Dips Dangerous?

A. As with any exercise you do, there is some risk involved of getting injured. As long as you follow the proper form tutorial video above, you will greatly reduce the chances of that happening. In addition, you maximize the benefits of muscle growth, by having proper positioning and form. 

Safety and form first, then you can look at variations and adding weight once you are confident you are doing the dip exercise properly. It is also a good idea to get a trainer or experienced friend to check your form to make sure you got everything right.

Q. How Do You Do Dips Without Equipment?

A. Very Carefully. There are variations of dips such as bench dips, straight bar dips, and so on. You can use a chair or even a large rock by facing your back and having your feet in front of you. The main thing you want is stability and for each arm to be level. The further your legs are in front of you, the harder this exercise will be. 

Above all, you should keep safety and form in the forefront of your mind when performing dips on surfaces you are not used to. Although home dip bars make dips more convenient, it is also a good idea to keep an open mind about what you can use in your surroundings.

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